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Imagine Parent Involvement

Each Imagine family is required to provide a minimum of thirty (30) Volunteer Hours per student each school year. (Please Note: If you have more than one child enrolled at Imagine, you are required to provide an additional 10 hours for each additional student).

The PTO is available to help you in fulfilling your required volunteer hours. Finding a committee or school activity that best suits your interests and availability is as easy as contacting the PTO at [email protected] (please put "Volunteering" in the subject line).  You can also check out this page throughout the year.  Newly available volunteer opportunities will be posted here.

Volunteer Applications

Imagine at Broward's Volunteer Applications must be completed online.  Any person wishing to volunteer IN SCHOOL, must complete the Online Imagine School At Broward Volunteer Application PRIOR to volunteering. 

PLEASE NOTE: You must use ALL CAPS when completing the application. You will be notified only if there is a concern.

*The online application is most compatible with INTERNET EXPLORER.

(Click above to be taken to the online volunteer application)



What is HELPCOUNTER?  HelpCounter is our online volunteer hour logging system.
Parents can now log in their volunteer hours from home or at school.

Volunteer Hour Tracking Home Access:

In order to input your volunteer hours from home, please follow these steps:

1. Visit www.helpcounterweb.com
2. Enter Login: imgbroward   Password: n78gpx
3. Select Volunteer
4. Find the name of your oldest child and select it
5. Select "Enter hours worked earlier or at home"
6. Please enter the hours and activity

The front office computers will still be available for logging hours.  However, parents will have access to their accounts from home and have the option of inputting hours that way. We hope this will make it more convenient for families and alleviate the need to solely use the office laptops.  As always, we operate on the honor system, and you will need to provide proof of your hours, if requested. 

PLEASE NOTE: Clinic volunteer hours and carline volunteer hours will be doubled by the school, so please log only actual hours.

Clinic Volunteer Hours -
 Clinic shifts are 8-12, 12-4 or all day. The calendar is currently booking December - June.  All hours worked in the clinic are DOUBLE HOURS.  

Carline Volunteer Hours - We are looking for carline volunteers. If you are interested, please stop by the front office. Carline volunteer hours are also DOUBLE HOURS

Volunteer Opportunities

CLINIC (updated 3/15/2017)

Volunteer your time: 

We are in need of volunteers to work the clinic May & June. Clinic shifts are 8-12, 12-4 or all day and all hours worked will be counted as DOUBLE HOURS. 

Donate items:

  • UNIFORMS: We are also in need of gently used uniform shirt, pants.  Please note: tops and bottoms MUST be in good condition with no holes or stains. Bottoms MUST be uniform brand...NO CARGO pants/shorts will be accepted.  Our Clinic Coordinators will be accepting the following items and giving hours for them on Friday, April 21 & Friday, May 5.  One (1) hour will be given for every three (3) items of clothing donated.

  • CLINIC SUPPLIES:  Dixie Cups, 3-4 oz size; 2 bottles of LIQUID whiteout; package of 6-8 count children's underwear (sizes 4-16, boys and girls); box of LATEX FREE and POWDER FREE gloves; 3 boxes of Kleenex;  2/pk of PUR Water Filter (please contact Jessica for specifics BEFORE purchasing this item); 40 count and up, LARGE LATEX FREE Band-aids; 2 boxes, SANDWICH size Ziploc bags